Volcanoes National Park: the Best Place to See Gorillas

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Different visitors to Africa usually discuss about the world’s number one gorilla tracking destination but Volcanoes National park rates best on the many gorilla tracking national parks in the East Africa.

The Volcanoes National Park Africa is also a great destination to  track golden monkeys as well as other forest primates and  being in the same home with gorillas, gorilla tracking visitors find it easy to track both gorillas and golden monkeys on one Gorilla tracking tour. No wonder the park natural beauty inspired the American conservationist Dian Fossey who later chose to stay and live close to the park primates until when she was called. Today her former home and grave is another attraction in volcanoes national park and guests enjoy the rewarding hike to the tomb especially in the afternoon after the day’s gorilla trekking adventure.

In the movie Gorillas in the Mist, an American drama film that was directed by Micheal Apted and Staring Dian Fossey as a naturalist presents a true story about conservation work in Rwanda and mountain gorillas another reason why many gorilla visitors chose Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park as the untouched paradise for life time gorilla tracking memories. Volcanoes National park a home to some active volcanoes is a centre of the rare primate habitants in the world and situated in just 2.5 hours drive distance from Kigali Rwanda’s capital.

In 2005, in a bid to boost conservation and gorilla tours in Volcanoes national park, Rwanda introduced the annual baby naming ceremony for baby gorillas a conservation event that is celebrated every year as a sign of conservation success. The park is usually open for all visitors local and international and gorilla tracking permits are a must to only those willing to track the mountain gorillas.However, to get the permits you need to find a gorilla safari company that can book you one or book yourself one directly at the Rwanda park headquarters.

Choosing to track gorillas in Rwanda is by choice but the amazing experience will drive you back one more time or advise friends and relatives to experience the outstanding in the beautiful land of thousand hills. When looking at recent photos of former gorilla visitors, Rwanda gorilla treks are too captivating and just enough to track gorillas in volcanoes National park.

The stunning scenery and gorillas express the true beauty of the park taming you to just go gorilla tracking. What you can see on the average day are the mountain gorillas or golden monkeys, birds, monkeys, forest habitats, natural trees and plants ,the Dian Fossey research center  and stunning great views of mountains , hills, farm lands and home steads.So after experiences all you dream adventures at the park  with an extra day but without further plans, think of a leisure peaceful rest in Gisenyi  on Lake Kivu  and enjoy cool winds ,sand, fresh sun and warm weather  as you play in the sand and water. Also heading back to Kigali city for a day city tour would be a nice thing to discover the country’s beauty even more.

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