10 Must-Watch African Safari Videos

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With lush savannah, rain forests, swamps, lakes and rivers and diversity of wildlife, a safari to Africa offers spectacular array of sights and sounds worth to capture on camera. Let’s share some of the popular wildlife safari videos which were captured by travelers on trip to Africa. If you’ve spent some time watching professional documentaries out on the internet, you’ve seen the majesty of African wildlife.

Possibly want to plan and make your own trip memories. Your trip to Africa might include wildlife viewing adventures like mountain gorilla trekking, primate tracking, and nature walk, boat cruising and relaxing at the beach. There are more things to do and see for any traveler looking for fun in the sunny African wilderness.

Touched by wild mountain gorillas of Uganda

Mountain gorillas are intelligent primates and share about 98% of their DNA with human beings. Captured on a gorilla safari in Bwindi national park, Uganda, this video shows a family of habituated mountain gorillas overwhelmingly surrounds a tourist in a forest outside a lodge compound. Anyone who doubts whether gorillas are clam and peaceful animals should watch this video. The moment of truth our beloved sister Dian Fossey, peace be upon her, so eloquently related to us in her master piece “Gorillas in the Mist” is happening.

The playful baby gorilla whispers to a tourist while a giant silverback at the back watched silently. Thanks to a handful of gorilla trekking rules and regulations. The tourist reminded himself of the gorilla etiquette that guides had briefed about at the start of the trek. Stay calm, never attempt to run, move or look directly into the eyes of a gorilla.

Indeed, the gorillas were able to move off after realizing the tourist was not a threat to their lives. For close encounters with mountain gorillas, consider a gorilla trekking safari to Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. These are the only places on earth where less 900 mountain gorillas live.

Battle at Kruger National Park  

One of the most popular African safari videos, battle at Kruger, the most amazing wildlife battle involving a pride of lions as they catch a buffalo calve, on the banks of transport dam, Kruger national park, South Africa.

As crocodiles try to drag into water, lions overpower and put their prey on the ground. Then the battle unfolds when a herd of buffalos fight to rescue their calf. Lions find themselves engulfed; buffalos become more aggressive and finally rescue their injured calf. Kruger National park is one of the most interesting places to visit for such amazing wildlife encounters.

The Serengeti wilderness drone footage

Serengeti national park in Tanzania is one of the largest remaining untamed wildernesses. Sprawling 30,000 sq km of savannah grasslands, acacia woodland forests, sand rivers, Serengeti is a habitat where the big five African mammals number in hundreds.

In the drone captured video footage, shows some highlights of what a typical safari to Serengeti looks like. Whether it’s a wildebeest migration, hyena dragging leftover meat or a herd of elephants roaming free at sunrise, the magnificence of Serengeti wildlife cannot be understood in reference to this video.

This has great implication for travelers who want to visit Tanzania on a safari. Dozens of East African tour operators offer multi-day trips to Serengeti national park. You can visit any time of the year.

Impala escapes cheetah and pump into a tourist car

One of the most surprising African wildlife safari moments, an impala at the verge of being killed by a cheetah jumps into a Prado on the road. The video was captured during a game drive in Kruger national park South Africa. Cheetahs are the fastest animals on earth and can be found in many safari destinations including Kidepo in Uganda, Serengeti in Tanzania.

Lion vs. wildebeest

Witnessing a single male lion catching wildebeest by the neck is really exciting. Predator hunting and attacks are common encounters for visitors on a safari in Serengeti national park, Tanzania. In this video, a lion fails to kill a wildebeest as it escapes leaving the lion hungry and disappointed.

Lion catches antelope in mid air attack

Lions command respect in the wild and are known to be the strongest hunters. In the video, two lions ambushed an antelope, jumping up in their air over a cliff. Finally, the antelope is captured and dragged. Lions as one of the big five African mammals are common and can be found in many safari destinations in Africa. But there are lions which climb trees and have become a special interest for travelers on a safari. Tree climbing lions can be found in Queen Elizabeth national park of Uganda, Lake Manyara National park Kenya and Kruger national park South Africa.

Lion shows a tourist why you must stay inside your vehicle when driving in national parks

For the sake of creating awareness for tourists to stay safe while on a safari, this video captures two lions found by tourists in the middle of the road.  At very close distance, tourists in one of the vehicles put their heads out of a window to take clear photos. The lion charged and scared as they rush their heads inside. When you want good photos, buy good camera. This is more than a lesson for any traveler, to always stay inside the vehicle when viewing wildlife. Follow safari etiquette as well as national park driving speed limit.

Rhino charges and attacks car in Kruger National Park

Tourists in Kruger national park pumped into a rhino as it threatened to crush the car but in vain. Rhinos are the second largest land mammals after elephant and can kill if you provoke them. In Africa, there are only two species, the southern white rhino and black rhinos. Kruger is not the only place; Rhinos can be found and tracked on foot on a safari to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and other South African safari destinations.

Cheetah jumps into a safari car

Viewing wildlife can be uncertain at times, this is unbelievable to many. How a cheetah could get into the car and never hurts any of the occupants? Cheetahs are very inquisitive just like domestic cats tend to find out whenever a new object appears to their sight.

Hippopotamus chases a boat

Hippos are the third largest animal after elephant and rhino. Regardless of their huge size, they can float on water for long as well as run faster on land. Hippos don’t usually swim faster like it was captured in the video. For a hippo to swim faster and chase tourists on a boat cruise in lake Naivasha Kenya, a sign of disturbance likely happened. So always avoid disturbing wildlife while on a safari. Hippos can be found in many African destinations such as Rwanda, Kenya among others. But Uganda’s Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park is known to have the highest population in east Africa.

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