Mountain Gorilla Trekking Uganda Or Rwanda

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World-wide mountain gorillas still exist in three African countries these include Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo. These countries are considered safe and the gorillas are habituated to human standards they can be tracked safely in their natural habitat without any harm caused to human. Uganda and Rwanda are regarded as the leading mountain gorilla tracking destinations with Uganda housing the highest number of mountain gorillas over 400 mountain gorillas live in this park only, the rest are shared by the Virunga region including Mgahinga in Uganda, volcanoes N.P in Rwanda and Virunga national park in DRC. Many people leave their home countries and come and spend some quality time with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural home, gorilla tracking is regarded as a moment in life very difficult to forget and incomparable adventurous safari activity.

Comparing the best country offering the best gorilla tracking experience is very important to help tourists make the best decision on where to go gorilla tracking. Since Uganda and Rwanda is the best gorilla tracking destinations in the world, we are looking at comparing them in terms of gorilla tracking in 2017-2018. However as we wind up 2017, people need information to help them organize for their gorilla tours in 2018 and this article will give you a small hint on where one can go gorilla tracking amongst these two countries.

Some of the Points to consider when comparing Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking

Consider the distance from the capital city to the gorilla park, many people before deciding on where to go gorilla tracking first look at the distance to be covered to reach the gorilla park. When looking at the distance covered to the gorilla park, Rwanda takes it all. Since Rwanda is a very small country, many of its attractions are located within a small hour’s drive compared to its counterpart Uganda. From the capital city Kigali to the gorilla park in volcanoes national park in the north Rwanda, it’s just about 2-3 hours drive on a clear road. However, from the capital Kampala in Uganda to the two gorilla parks in Bwindi national park and Mgahinga national park, it covers a distance of about 8-9 hours drive. So if you consider distance Rwanda is the best as you don’t get tired on the way. So for those who have limited time in Africa can choose Rwanda, one can even track the gorillas in just one day. However you are reminded that you will be picked very early in the morning at your hotel in Kigali at around 4:30am and get driven to the park headquarters in kingi and embark on gorilla tracking.

Those who prefer long distance hour’s drive Uganda is the best as you will stand a chance to admire nature and visit many attractions on the way including the equator crossing, Lake Mburo national park among many others. So the choice is yours. However, people now prefer tracking Uganda gorillas through Kigali as it is short than when one uses Entebbe Airport one is only required to pay visa entry and Comesa. We run gorilla safaris to Rwanda and Uganda and will be glad to advices you on the best way to go about deciding on a destination to visit.

One must also consider the fee for gorilla permit between the two countries, this is very important when comparing gorilla tracking in both countries in 2018. It should be noted that rwanda doubled its gorilla permits from usd750 to usd1500 per gorilla permit per tracking and Uganda gorilla permits are on usd600 per person, and the discounted Uganda gorilla permits during the low season of usd450 although ends this year, with effect next year 2018, there will be no discounted gorilla permits. So it’s up to the client’s choice to choose where to track from depending on the budget. For those who want to save, Uganda is the best destination to go, one can save a lot of money on the gorilla permit and one use the money for other activities or shopping however those that can afford Rwanda gorilla permits, there no reasons why you should not visit Rwanda.

The real experience before and when with the gorillas, the experience while with the gorillas is almost the same according to the testimonies written on trip advisors by those who have got the chance to visit both countries for gorilla tracking. Hover in terms of sighting, Rwanda is considered having the best chances of sighting the gorillas, in that the volcanoes forest national park is not as thick as the impenetrable of Bwindi national park, sighting and photography becomes a bit difficult compared to Rwanda which has bamboo forest. A first hand camera is needed when tracking gorillas in Bwindi national park, and it has the most difficult gorilla families to track compared to Rwanda families, although it also has difficult families like the Susa gorilla family.

Lodging options, in terms of lodging, Uganda has the most accommodation options ranging from budget to luxury accommodation. Bwindi national park has four sectors where tracking can be done and each sector has decent accommodation options, so when compared to Rwanda in terms of lodging, Uganda takes it all. To mention some include sanctuary gorilla lodge, Buhoma Lodge/ Mahogany Lodge/ Chameleon Hill Lodge/ Lake Mutanda Resort, Engagi Lodge/ Silverback Lodge / Gorilla Safari Lodge/ Gorilla Resort Bwindi/ Gorilla Mist Camp, Ruhija Gorilla Friends Camp or Travelers Rest Hotel, Gorilla Valley Lodge or Buhoma Community Campground. However in Rwanda many sticks on Virunga Lodge which usually gets full and it’s costly. Other options include five boutique hotels, Sabyinya Silverback Lodge, Davinc Lodge, Gorilla nest Lodge, Le Bombou Lodge and Kinigi Guest House among many others these a few compared to those in biwndi national park.

Other activities to enjoy apart from mountain gorilla tracking, it’s also good to consider other activities to do apart from gorilla tracking depending on the number of days you have on your holiday, vacation or honeymoon. With no doubt, Uganda has a lot of thing to do, it has 10 national parks and over 13 game reserves all these have unique attractions, it also have beautiful Lakes and Rivers, beaches and mountains among many others, when all compared can give you the best while in the country. Rwanda has 3 national parks and a few game reserves and mountains and lakes, when all compared can’t match Uganda’s incredible attraction. So if you want to enjoy more activities while on your safari in 2018, Uganda is the best option although the decision on where to go remains in your hands.

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