Best 5 Wildlife Safari Destinations in Uganda

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Uganda has long been reorganized as the best wildlife adventure destination with variety of remarkable trips to the wildness every day and attracting thousands to the country to discover the wide variety of animals, birds and primates. Tourists to Uganda spot various wildlife including the big five on Uganda wildlife safaris daily basing on different travel programs.

Most national Parks in Uganda are unique with unbelievable wildlife encounter especially Queen Elizabeth national Park famous for  tree climbing lions, Murchison falls  national park  home to the mighty falls and vast wildlife, Kidepo national park the best wildlife heaven in Uganda, Bwindi forest, and Lake Mburo national park.

1. Queen Elizabeth National Park

What a precious gift Uganda has to offer to its visitors, wildlife, birds, hippos, crocodiles, landscape, and the lovely scenic views that surround the park savannah plains all day long. Game drives allow wildlife sighting in particular areas especially Kasenyi and Ishasha that have the most animal concentration including tree climbing lions. The popular Queen Elizabeth National Park is a home for both water and wildlife and afternoon boat cruise on the Kazinga channel are more relaxing, enjoyable and fan listening to detailed stories about the rare hippo and crocodile, birds and wildlife that roam around the channel and those that float close to tourists boats offering only the best for the day.

2. Murchison Falls National Park

Known as a habitant for diverse and plentiful wildlife and a home to the mighty falls in Uganda famous for exceptional launch cruise on the Nile.  It’s one of the most awesome sights in nature where travelers witness the war between the rocks and water, wildlife, hippos and crocodiles during the same magical tour adventure. Besides the rushing waters of the Nile forced through a narrow gorge has fascinated the world for centuries. On your way to or from the park make a stop at the Rhino sanctuary and gaze at the lovely Rhinos and enjoy being in around in there company.

3. Kidepo Valley National Park

With the green Savanah plains, impressive land scape and scenery, Kidepo Valley is one of Africa’s most magnificent wilderness famous for big game viewing. Elephants, Eland, Zebra, Hyena, Cheetah, lion, Hartebeest, Giraffes, and Buffalos are the most seen animals that roll grasslands from all directions. While here observe variety of bird species, trees and also explorer the Karamojong culture full of wonders that never seem to end. This park is rarely visited so visitors enjoy a lot of privacy in company of rare wildlife, birds, landscape and culture.
 For a more leisurely activity, chill at your lodge of residence and experience being surrounded by an overwhelming natural beauty of the best wildlife park in Uganda.

4. Bwindi Forest National Park

Did you know this is Uganda’s most tourist attraction and a home to one of the world most exciting wildlife encounter gorilla trekking? The world known Bwindi Forest National Park reveals the dramatic extreme beauty of jungle forests in Africa and it holds a title of the most populated world remaining mountain gorillas on earth. Unique gorilla trekking safaris and abundant mountain gorilla sightings are regular every single day attracting thousands every year to Uganda to experience the ultimate wildlife encounters. These rare primate creatures are found only in the forests of Bwindi impenetrable and Virunga Massif which are shared by three countries in East Africa. Truly this is the most rich forest in Africa with over 350 bird species,310 butterflies, 200 trees, 51 reptiles,88 moths,120 mammals.

5. Lake Mburo National Park

It’s one of Uganda’s nearest park close to the city and most recommended for short Uganda safaris for those with 2-3 days free in the country. Lake Mburo offers beautiful wildlife viewing, horse riding, bush breakfast, nature walks, boat cruise and much more. Wildlife here includes Buffaloes, Topis, Impala, Giraffes, waterbucks, and the large herds of Zebras that roam around all day long. Birders, this is another best bird watching destination in Uganda with variety of bird species.

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