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Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Gorilla Trekking: Guide to Visiting Gorillas in Africa Have you thought of watching gorillas in their natural habitat? Forget about the zoos and prepare yourself...

The 3 Mountain National Parks of Uganda

Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Uganda boasts an array of breathtaking landscapes that beckon adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Among its prized...

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Visiting the Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

However much it may sound a rarity, there are prides of Lions that climb trees that have been spotted in a few National Parks...

Best Places to See Chimpanzees in Africa

Chimpanzee Tracking is one of the wildlife experiences that travelers to East Africa enjoy. To meet these apes, our closest relatives sharing 99% of...

10 Must-Watch African Safari Videos

With lush savannah, rain forests, swamps, lakes and rivers and diversity of wildlife, a safari to Africa offers spectacular array of sights and sounds...

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Uganda Or Rwanda

World-wide mountain gorillas still exist in three African countries these include Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo. These countries are considered safe...

Top 5 Places to Visit on Safari in Africa

Every continent has its own top destinations, that when you try to explore you will not just appreciate the splendor of the universe, but...

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